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Article Marketing Equals Traffic in 5 Easy Steps

Article Marketing Equals Traffic in 5 Easy Steps

If you are much like me and like a solid foundation with your online business, article marketing is a crucial key. If you want a constant flow of traffic being sent to your site, article marketing is one way to provide that. Many people decide to rely on article marketing for two primary reasons which are a strong natural content presence and/or a low budget for other marketing avenues. In this article I am going to give you 5 easy steps to write an article that generates traffic.

Choosing the Topic-

The topic of you theme you are written about should be around the niche you are marketing to. It is also very helpful to also have some general knowledge about the subject. If you are somewhat shaky on the subject, go online and watch a few videos, read other articles, or reports on the subject. When you have a great knowledge about your topic it will be very easy for your passion to come through in your article marketing. Having a passion about what you write about, it not only separates you from all the other article marketers out there but enhances the reader's experience.

Power up Your Title with a Keyword-

Your title is your window into your article. How you lay it out will have a huge impact on if people read it or not. When you are looking to build a title and then write an article, you want dominant keywords. Now when I use the word dominant, I don't mean a keyword that is so saturated because then your article will never be found. I also don't mean a keyword that no one ever searches for. I would suggest taking your potential keywords and heading over to Google Adwords and look at the free keyword tool. Having a relevant title with the right keywords will better the reader's experience which in essence leads to more search engine juice. As you get more readers to look at your articles and your article marketing you will get more readers to your primary site.

Introduce Your Article Well-

The introduction into your article is what is going to keep your readers reading. When people ask me about article marketing and how to write a good article I make sure I stress this portion. What is sad is when people spend a lot of work picking the right keywords, building an enticing title, and then to lose their reader in the introduction. A secret to your introduction is to supply your major points to your read in the upcoming paragraphs. When you do this you dramatically enforce the relevance of your article and what it contains.

Size Does Matter-

As I have said before; size does matter when it comes to article marketing. Be considerate of your readers and their time. When someone clicks on your article they normally are looking for a solution to a problem they have. If you write an article that that is too short, you will come across that you know very little about the topic. Writing an article that is too long leads to many readers getting bored and leaving. With most signature boxes containing your main site, you don't want this to happen. The other thing you want to consider is that your text is nice and clean with no spelling issues.

Links Away-

Whatever you do, do not forget about the links to and from your article. You need your readers to click on links and be directed to other relevant content you have provided. Website traffic is controlled by links and traffic, when new online entrepreneurs are starting out, you find them doing a ton of article marketing. With article marketing you can build links to your blog, your video's, press releases, and/or other articles. When you follow their liking and become very good at it, the traffic will be like flood gates opening.

I do want to say though, while you may understand all of these and they make sense, take action. Once you learn to use these 5 easy steps in article marketing, you will start a snowball effect that sends droves of traffic to your site.

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