Thursday, July 8, 2010

Article Marketing Equals Traffic in 5 Easy Steps

Article Marketing Equals Traffic in 5 Easy Steps

If you are much like me and like a solid foundation with your online business, article marketing is a crucial key. If you want a constant flow of traffic being sent to your site, article marketing is one way to provide that. Many people decide to rely on article marketing for two primary reasons which are a strong natural content presence and/or a low budget for other marketing avenues. In this article I am going to give you 5 easy steps to write an article that generates traffic.

Choosing the Topic-

The topic of you theme you are written about should be around the niche you are marketing to. It is also very helpful to also have some general knowledge about the subject. If you are somewhat shaky on the subject, go online and watch a few videos, read other articles, or reports on the subject. When you have a great knowledge about your topic it will be very easy for your passion to come through in your article marketing. Having a passion about what you write about, it not only separates you from all the other article marketers out there but enhances the reader's experience.

Power up Your Title with a Keyword-

Your title is your window into your article. How you lay it out will have a huge impact on if people read it or not. When you are looking to build a title and then write an article, you want dominant keywords. Now when I use the word dominant, I don't mean a keyword that is so saturated because then your article will never be found. I also don't mean a keyword that no one ever searches for. I would suggest taking your potential keywords and heading over to Google Adwords and look at the free keyword tool. Having a relevant title with the right keywords will better the reader's experience which in essence leads to more search engine juice. As you get more readers to look at your articles and your article marketing you will get more readers to your primary site.

Introduce Your Article Well-

The introduction into your article is what is going to keep your readers reading. When people ask me about article marketing and how to write a good article I make sure I stress this portion. What is sad is when people spend a lot of work picking the right keywords, building an enticing title, and then to lose their reader in the introduction. A secret to your introduction is to supply your major points to your read in the upcoming paragraphs. When you do this you dramatically enforce the relevance of your article and what it contains.

Size Does Matter-

As I have said before; size does matter when it comes to article marketing. Be considerate of your readers and their time. When someone clicks on your article they normally are looking for a solution to a problem they have. If you write an article that that is too short, you will come across that you know very little about the topic. Writing an article that is too long leads to many readers getting bored and leaving. With most signature boxes containing your main site, you don't want this to happen. The other thing you want to consider is that your text is nice and clean with no spelling issues.

Links Away-

Whatever you do, do not forget about the links to and from your article. You need your readers to click on links and be directed to other relevant content you have provided. Website traffic is controlled by links and traffic, when new online entrepreneurs are starting out, you find them doing a ton of article marketing. With article marketing you can build links to your blog, your video's, press releases, and/or other articles. When you follow their liking and become very good at it, the traffic will be like flood gates opening.

I do want to say though, while you may understand all of these and they make sense, take action. Once you learn to use these 5 easy steps in article marketing, you will start a snowball effect that sends droves of traffic to your site.

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Offline Marketing Vs. Online Marketing

Most successful top Marketers in the game use many marketing strategies and suggest the latest, up to date tips, to their students on how to reach the top as well. You see within the online marketing world many newly, driven marketers never get the proper help from the very beginning. They launch into a new Industry thinking that they can transfer their offline marketing strategies to their new online marketing business.

This is not the correct path or direction you need to take. Why? Because you will start to fail and failing can ruin your mindset in this industry. Once you fail once and can't seem to grasp the right direction you need to turn to, you give up. That is the last thing you need to do to yourself. This is a hard game to get started in but after halftime it can be straight to the TOP if only you persistently preserver in learning and striving to get better every day.

I promise you will start to see the results that will put a smile on your face and continue that special aspiration that lies within your heart. I was going to just make a list of the greatest tips to start your Online Business but I will save those for another time. I wanted to start with the most life changing Marketing tip there is and that is Determination. Start today by deciding what you want your Business to look like in the next six months! Start with how many students you want to have, how many people you may want working with you, how much money you want to be making by month six, how successful you want your life to be up until that special month six. You know that in today's economy only the strong will survive.

In following the last depression there were more millionaires created during that time than any other time in history. That record will get broken in the coming years. How will this depression/recession change the lives of both you and me? We have it in the palm of your hands, the Internet. Just about everywhere you turn the Internet is accessible by Wi-Fi or through your phone service on your phone. This cuts out a lot of procrastination thoughts that can be fix with the click of a mouse. Now you might be saying I know nothing about the Internet, here's your chance to learn and implement the correct, thought out strategies that only the Top Income earners in this Industry use and have extremely profitable results. But like I said only the strong will survive, do you have a go-getter attitude, a determination to succeed day in and day out? If so, this can be the opportunity that fits your freedom lifestyle you always dream about.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Online marketing tools for success

Online marketing means creating awareness about particular products and services and selling them successfully to online purchasers. It requires a great deal of effort on part of Company to market their products and services, online. Creation of Website: First step towards online marketing is creation of website. A website is a compilation of complete information about products or services, along with photographs, specifications, and each and every minute detail that a Company offers through that product. Website is designed to equip the visitor with all relevant details and convert a visitor into customer. Selection of Seo Company: A Company is apt in manufacturing and trading of its product in physical market. Since it is completely unknown about online marketing, therefore, it has to hire a professional SEO Company for getting services for successfully launching and marketing the product. Optimization of site: A website is never designed as per SEO’s perspectives. Therefore, it is loaded with keywords, and phrases along with meta-data for its compatibility in search engines. Optimization of content is also done to complete the ground work for marketing of the site. RSS feeds: Companies can share and syndicate their content, through RSS. Unlimited RSS channels are created for more effectiveness. Search engine optimization: Optimizing a site is not all. It has to be integrated in different search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other local Search engines to introduce it amongst various customers in its locality. A website needs to be compatible enough to get the desired results. When a search engine indexes through the pages of a website, then it searches for relevant material to rank the website in search engines. Addition and removal of web-pages: A website goes stale with no changes. It needs to be regularly updated, for its better functionality and extreme efficiency. A web form creator in your website is extremely important, to take care of customer’s requirement and process payment transactions. It is very essential to know that all online marketing tools are based on e-commerce process. Companies can sell different products and e-products as well. Companies can control their inventory, cross and up-sell products to manage their businesses with better efficiency. SEO Company play a quintessential role in online marketing. Companies need to employ their services for desired results.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Backlink Basics

This article will help those starting out and trying to figure out what backlinks are and the importance of them. The article will not help those who already have a fundamental understanding of backlinks though it is always good to brush up. First and foremost I am a believer in the theory that content is king and should not be replaced by linking. When you are building links remember that if your content is great than once people visit your website through the links you place on the web they will be much more likely to offer you links freely usually without even your consultation which is called link baiting though it is a little out of this articles concepts.

If you are online to earn money online or are just trying to learn promotion for your personal website or blog then a backlink should be something constantly on your mind. A backlink is a hyperlink pointing to a URL and is not located on the domain it is pointed towards. For example if you have a blog on and place your URL (Uniform Resource Locator which you can find in the address bar when you access your blog on your explorer) on a site such as the hyperlink on which you placed is called a backlink and is the deciding factor of which site ranks where on major search engines after content has been considered and sometimes even without the consideration of content if the backlinks are strong enough.

These are extremely difficult backlinks to acquire and any good internet marketing expert should always be on the lookout for possible high quality highly relevant backlinks. When I say relevant I do not mean the category of your website, but the niche of your website which is a bit broader. For example if your website is about fishing poles that is the category, but the niche is the “fishing” niche and you can gain relevant backlinks for websites in such categories as fishing theory, fishing tips, fishing line, types of fish, really any and every website about fishing you should be seeking a cross promotional relationships with these sites.

There are plenty of ways besides gaining relevant high priority links which you will see advertised and the majority of these will get you in trouble. Stay away from any easy links since the majority will be link farms (websites which creation was for the sole purpose of boosting link popularity) and stick with either websites like yours or websites which have a high Page Rank. You can see a websites Page Rank by downloading Google’s toolbar and installing it with the Page Rank feature.

Anyway I hope this article has enlightened those that may have been confused by the subject of backlinks and perhaps even helped an experienced marketer or two.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Web 2.0 - Next Generation Web Application

Web 2.0 is a greatly synergistic than before and allows people to add-to and modifies information instead of simply sitting back and reading this gives people a greater deal of satisfaction and they become more willing to share sites to which they have contributed.
Web 2.0 permits the building of virtual small, relatively rapid to deploy applications, drawing data and functionality from a number of different sources as appropriate. These applications tend to bring power within the reach of suitably motivated individuals that was previously the preserve of corporations.Web 2.0 is about sharing: Code, content, ideas. That does not mean there is not money to be made. There is, but new business models need to be found whereby we collaborate on the platform(s) and make money by adding value over and above that which we and others have built together.
One of the most important aspects of Web 2.0 is the prevalence of social networking and bookmarking sites because there are websites such as Digg and Stumble Upon and these websites allow people to connect and share information. Blogs
and Wikis are greatly part of these sites because instead of having one author there is many people can contribute to the articles in order to expand, modify, correct, and verify them.

To become Web 2.0 Company, following core competencies are essential ones.

* Services, not packaged software
, with cost-effective scalability
* Control over unique, hard-to-recreate data sources that get richer as more people use them
* Trusting users as co-developers
* Harnessing collective intelligence
* Leveraging the long tail through customer self-service
* Software above the level of a single device
* Lightweight user interfaces, development models, AND business models

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Internet Marketing Business

Internet marketing business can mean a variety of things. At one time, Internet marketing business consisted mostly of having a website or placing banner ads on other websites. On the other end of the spectrum, there are loads of companies telling you that you can make a fortune overnight on the Internet and who try to sell you some form of "Internet marketing business".

Today, Internet marketing business, or online marketing, is evolving into a broader mix of components a company can use as a means of increasing sales - even if your business is done completely online, partly online, or completely offline. The decision to use Internet marketing business as part of a company's overall marketing strategy is strictly up to the company of course, but as a rule, Internet marketing business is becoming an increasingly important part of nearly every company's marketing mix. For some online businesses, it is the only form of marketing being practiced.

Internet marketing business is to promote your website online. You can generate more sales through Internet marketing so you have to spend money to design a website as you think it will attract more viewers and turn those viewers into customers. By Internet marketing business you can improve your website traffic and attract more and more visitors to your site.

Internet marketing business evolve many website promotion methods like directories, blog postings and comments, forum, social media marketing, article submissions, classifieds, banner advertising etc. After you have selected the internet marketing business you want to be involved in, you will then need to know about the marketing strategies and other things you must do in order to make sure that you succeed. It requires a strategic plan and execution.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Online Marketing Advantages

Online marketing is one of the ways to promote website or products through internet. For a new business it is wings to expend business through internet, online marketing too has its share of success in this virtual world (Internet). We will here consider the top ten advantages of online marketing. These days, we see that advertising is not just confined to TV, radio, newspaper, banners, online marketing is a powerful way to be globalized. Online marketing is a way to get really good income if it is rightly done.

There are several advantages of online marketing. Let us now briefly look at what they are:

1.The number of potential customers can be hundreds of thousand since there are millions of internet users all over the world.

2.Online marketing costs less compared to any other kind of advertising or marketing.

3.Advertising over the internet is far more attractive than the regular way. You can update product, include product reviews, and also maintain a mailing list and keep in touch with the existing customers.

4.It is easy to search products that they intend to buy over the internet. It just requires that they enter the right keyword and click on the search button in any search engine.

5.Expansion of a business over the internet is far more convenient than in real world. Also, you don’t need to pay additional cost for it too.

6.The effective results of marketing online can be seen just in a matter of a few days or months provided that the proper marketing strategy is followed.

7.Internet connects all the countries thus your business can be expanded worldwide without having to incur any heavy cost.

These are just a few advantages of online marketing out of numerous other benefits and advantages. Thus you can imagine how well you will be benefited by stepping into the internet world and carrying out online marketing.

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